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If you have some questions regarding your tax problems, we recommend a consultation. A consultation is a confidential discussion of your problems with an experienced tax attorney. The attorney you consult with will ask you a series of questions to bring out the most relevant facts. He/she will then discuss the relevant law and various options available to help you resolve the issues. Of course, he/she will respond – or try to respond – to your questions. You are under no obligation to retain the law firm to represent you.

A consultation can be accomplished by telephone, E-Mail, or in person. We charge a one-time consultation fee of $100.00 which may be paid through a credit card. We look forward to discussing the issues with you.

Thank you for wishing to consult with us on your tax problems. We look forward to discussing them with you. We appreciate the confidence and trust you have expressed by choosing us.

You should be aware, however, that this consultation is not intended to be an engagement of this law firm to represent you. An engagement for representation can only be accomplished by a written agreement between you and this law firm. Should you wish to retain us, the attorney will discuss the fees with you and prepare a written retainer agreement which will outline the scope of our representation.

Whether or not you wish to retain us, however, we sincerely hope that this consultation will be pleasant, useful and informative.

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